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I've been seeing Shawna for Reflexology and Reiki for a few months now. Her practice has helped get me through this long, long winter.  She is a very kind practitioner. I always leave renewed, refreshed and relaxed. Shawna is very informative. I love seeing someone who has the personality and expertise to share with me how this process is benefiting me. I am grateful to Shawna for coming into my life and providing this service. I believe that more people should reach out and do things that they haven't done before to see how they might benefit from Shawna’s offerings.

Teddi R.

I feel such gratitude for the healing work that Shawna provides.  Ever since my first treatment with Shawna, I have been able to settle in with complete trust and ease.  I appreciate the clear container she provides through her calm presence and beautiful space.  I leave my sessions feeling as though my whole being has received care through the intricate roadmap of my feet, which she knows so well.  It is a gift to have such a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner help me to feel more steady on the Earth!

Laurie M.

Shawna is very professional, while still being completely friendly and approachable. She puts you immediately at ease, and her work is very relaxing and restorative. I’d been hoping to find a reflexologist in Brunswick, and am thrilled to find Shawna. The search is over.

Kathy M.

I would highly recommend Shawna Nowinski if you are considering getting Reiki.  She is by far, the most gifted practitioner I have ever worked with.  I can literally feel the work that she is doing during the session!  She is very powerful.  I knew from our first meeting that her abilities exceeded that of any of the other practitioners I had worked with in the past.

Phil G.

Not too long ago, I had a complimentary foot reflexology session from student Shawna Nowinski.
It was absolutely delightful!
I was propped in a very comfortable position and with gentle and loving hands, experienced one of the best reflexology sessions of my life! It was like she has been doing this all of her life!
I've had other wonderful sessions before, but what set Shawna apart from the rest is that she never spoke, only to ask about my comfort level. She gave me that time to go inward. That was very important to me.
I have been a practicing licensed massage therapist for 16 years now, so I understand the importance of your feet.
I knew that I was being cleansed, balanced, and rejuvenated.
I highly recommend you give Shawna a try.
I guarantee you will book your next session.

Lynn L.

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